"Klah: a hot, stimulating drink made from tree bark and tasting faintly of cinnamon."

- Anne McCaffrey: The Dragonriders of Pern

WWWWolf's Klah Recipe

I usually drink coffee (trying to get rid of this habit) and tea when hacking Perl.

Of course, I like good fantasy novels, and Perl hackers should, as the Programming Perl glossary suggests, at least take some look at ("Perl"++)++ books.

Okay, McCaffrey invented all these Pern things, no way I'm saying this is the One True Klah®, in fact, people have made a lot of interesting klah recipes themselves. Let your imagination roam!

This is my adaptation of klah recipes found floating around the net.

Mix things in this order and stir well.

For best results, don't try to make pot full of this stuff - one cup at time! Note that cinnamon doesn't mix too well with the coffee, so don't put tons of it into cup (and the description says "tasting faintly of cinnamon", anyway =) and you probably want to stir it a bit every time you take a sip, or otherwise it will end up into the bottom of the cup and you miss all the cool stuff.

Random ideas

Maybe someone should start a "Best SF/Fantasy recipes" archive? I'd like to see the recipe for "Bouncy Bubble Beverage" from Paranoia RPG, and Klingon cuisine is, as usual, very interesting! =)


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