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A few words first

This page has some tutorials, tips and tricks for the cool graphics program known as GIMP. I love the program. You should, too.

Also see my Scriptorium for cool scripts! Some things described here might already be implemented as scripts. Well, not at the moment, but who knows, maybe in the future!

WARNING: This is graphics-intensive area. (But you guessed that already, OK?) I hope you have lots of bandwidth. I tried to minimize the usage. Honest. =)

Tutorials themselves

Layer Mask Fun
Some nice background-fading techniques. Bored of square images? This way, please, we can handle that...
Water fun
Master the Elements! Make your images flow! Make your (more or less - I hope less) ugly face reflect from that bright puddle of deep blue water - and other boring babbling like that. Just another interesting bump map/layer mask technique.
Stupid shading techniques
Some ways of shading. You probably already know this stuff; I made this for my friend (who is a newbie, of course). Newbies might find this mildly inspiring.
Perl, Ars Arcanumica
"How I Made It", by Vikktor von Perlenstain. Techniques and stuff behind this picture..
Stupid shading techniques, part 2: grayscale stuff
More primitive shading stuff, now about halftoning and related techniques.
Text Animations
Simple text animations tricks...

Some warnings

I don't care what you do with these tutorials. The text and images are copyrighted by me, however. Feel free to link - if you do, please link to http://www.iki.fi/wwwwolf/graphtips/gimptutorials/, not to this page. Thank you.

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