Yiff! for X11

"Ja nytpäs kaikki pelaamaan kettupeliä, kettupeliä..."
("And now everybody, let's play the fox game, the fox game...")

- Robin Hood (Spede Pasanen) in the movie Noin Seitsemän Veljestä

Introduction - What the heck is Yiff?


Yiff! is a highly addictive puzzle game, written by M. Brent (Tursi) (see also the home page). Well, at least I would described it as "highly addictive" - it got me hooked, so I decided to port it to my Operating System of Choice, Linux.

The idea of the game is to place foxes on a grid. When you put enough foxes on same square, all of those foxes turn to your color and spread to the adjacent squares. The goal is to turn all of the foxes on the board to your color.

Oh, what does the name mean? Well, that's what happens if you put too many foxes in the same room. =)

Enough crud. Can I get the sources?

Yep. It's under GPL now. Have fun. And hey, if you have improvement suggestions, go ahead and tell me.

Required libraries

You will need to get the following libraries:


Revision history / Changes

Initial revision
This was supposed to be the first public revision. Added path search functions, fixed some trivial bugs, added new logo and useless trivia to the about page. =)
Fixed some trivial \n losses that made the output look kind of funny. Moral: Never do RCS ci at the middle of the night... =)
Whee, some serious improvements this time...

See also the file ChangeLog.txt in the package.

How doth it work now? Bugs?

Yes, it works. It really works. Took only a moments with the source to compile it and make it to run. It's playable. Don't you love xwinallegro?

Some of the bugs I've found:

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