Note that there probably will not be more updates to Vocoditor, as I think it's a clumsy program and other programs have become more usable than this. I recommend EasyTAG and amaroK which have become the ultimate tagging and player software combination in my opinion - amaroK alone is a great tagger and EasyTAG sweeps the floor with the rest of the features, like renaming. - w4, 2005-10-09

Vocoditor - Ogg/Vorbis Comment Editor
Release 1.1.1

Guarantee: Vocoditor is only good for editing Ogg/Vorbis file comments. It won't make coffee.


Vocoditor is a quick-and-dirty Ogg/Vorbis file comment editor. It was written in Perl, and uses vorbiscomment tool to read and write the actual values. The user interface has been made using Glade UI builder and Perl-GTK+.

I love Ogg/Vorbis. One of the reasons was that the comment format it provides is vastly superior compared to ID3 tags, which were essentially a hack with severe limitations and support woes. Most players I've seen still seem to use ID3 v1 tags. Pathetic. Ogg/Vorbis 1.0beta4 came and changed all that. But, my Player of Choice, XMMS, doesn't allow all Vorbis tags to be edited too detailedly... and it screws up UTF-8 in most heinous way imaginable!

Vocoditor version 1.1.1 (released 2002-11-06) is an ItWorksForMe™ release. It seems to work nicely. It supports all fields specified in Ogg/Vorbis documentation. It does not, however, support custom tags, and will happily ignore all custom tags! (What you see is what the file will have!)

Vocoditor is distributed under GNU General Public Lisence, version 2 or later. Full warranty for 2 milliseconds after purchase, or until first used, whichever comes first.



In Debian GNU/Linux terms, you need at least these packages and the packages they depend on:

Known limitations and bugs

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