This page is currently heavily, heavily under severe consideration. It will eventually serve as an index of open source software that I’ve written, but since I’ve usually contributed in really minor but handy projects, this page will probably end up being more hub-like in nature.

Project sites!

Find me at social coding sites: [“<span”, “ class="site-link"”, “>”, “<a href="">["<span", " class=\"fa fa-gitlab\"", ">", "", "</span>"]</a>”, “</span>”], [“<span”, “ class="site-link"”, “>”, “<a href="">["<span", " class=\"fa fa-github\"", ">", "", "</span>"] GitHub</a>”, “</span>”] and [“<span”, “ class="site-link"”, “>”, “<a href="">["<img", " src=\"/assets/siteimg/link/launchpad.png\"", " width=\"16\"", " height=\"16\"", " alt=\"\"", "/", ">"] LaunchPad</a>”, “</span>”].

Most of the stuff I’ve written is totally elsewhere. You can take a look at my unmigrated stuff, though that part of the site is extremely, extremely outdated.

Other folks’ software