Yep! I’m around at various new-fangled Web 2.0 social media thingies.

I’m generally using social media stuff just for brain dumps and such. I’m not very super good at engaging with people. Still, if you want to get in touch with me via these channels, please do.


I’m reasonably active at Twitter as  wwwwolf. Basically, lots of random comments, random snapshot photos, and so on and so forth.


I use  WWWWolf’s Macroblog as a random dumping ground of Stuff – random small blog posts that are too long for Twitter but too short for proper blog posts here, random snapshot photos that need some context, screenshots, and so on and so forth.


I’m in  Flickr for posting my photography. Do note that I used the site a long time ago but I was kind of thrown back by the small limitations. Since they’ve nowadays given more leeway for freebie users, I think I’ll post more of my stuff there in the future, because they have pretty good support for more serious stuff. Do note that the site is run by Yahoo!, so I actually keep backups of this stuff.

 Instagram doesn’t have much yet, but I’ve taken liking into posting artsy hipstery potato camera rubbish there. Feel free to check that stuff out if you’re into that sort of things. No #selfies though, I promise.


If I find some random interest images off of the Interwebs, I’ll probably stick them in  Pinterest. Have basically just gotten vaguely started there, so don’t get your hopes too far up.

Minor sites