Here, I’ll try explaining some of my interests. This is kind of an informal, half-baked version of a CV – I’m not really expecting to be hired over this, but this might be interest to people who are trying to work with me.


Much of my creative projects involve writing in various forms – from blogging to writing novels.

Software development and information systems

Much of my interests in computing has something to do with information systems, both from the point of view of information itself – how text and media are produced, stored, and presented to the user – and how such systems are built to accommodate that.

So, much of my greatest interests in this field lie in content management systems of various kinds, structured information formats and document formats (and various markup languages), metadata, document transformations and processing, layout and styling, and other things of that nature. I’ve dealt with a lot of web technologies like HTML and CSS and more print-oriented layout languages like LaTeX, but my interest on those is kind of limited to how those technologies are used as an end-point of the entire chain of publishing information in an information system.

In other words, I’m less concerned about the fact that this is a HTML file on a web server with certain markup on it, and more interested in how the whole thing is a Textile markup file stored in a git repository, transformed to HTML with Jekyll, and deployed to a web server.

Visual arts