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Oooo! I’ve been told that personal home pages are totally out these days and user profiles are in. I used to welcome people to my personal home page, but now, I’ll just welcome you to my personal user profile at beastwithin.org.

So who is this?

The pen name Rose Elvira Midford 🌹 might be what you are looking for. I’m just this random geek gal.

I’m a transwoman. The mildly annoying legal name is Urpo Lankinen. Confusing, I know. Thing is, I’ve been writing under pen names for a darn long time, and this is the internets, nobody cares much besides the user name anyway.


Currently living in Oulu, Finland. Very beautiful place.


I’m just another computer geek, writer and an artist.

I’m unemployed, and seeking job / trying to figure out something actually productive to do as a software developer, web designer and/or some other IT-related jobs.

As far as IT and software development goes, one of my big interests is content management, web publishing, document archival and metadata issues. My biggest development skills are probably in the data and document conversion and processing side – also layout stuff. So if I were to do this stuff for living, I might handle it well.

For the more fun stuff, I’m generally more interested in interactive and data-source-driven graphics and video and general information visualisation stuff. Also, games, because who the heck isn’t interested of making games these days.

Artistic hobbies? Writing and photography. Blogging, mostly, and some other non-fiction writing prjects. One of my biggest and most serious creative time-sink right now is the fantasy world Avarthrel, and short stories (and eventually novels) set in it. This also kind of ties with the whole content management and document layout things I mentioned above.

Less serious hobbies? Gaming, gaming and perhaps more gaming while I’m at it. Also reading books and watching movies. The usual geek stuff, I suppose.