Welcome to my archive of Ultima stuff!

I’ve been a fan of the game series for a long, long time. I’ve completed my favourite part, Ultima VII: The Black Gate, so many times I’ve lost count.

If you want to purchase the games these days, I heartily recommend GOG.com, which provides pretty awesome releases really cheap and ready to run on modern systems. I also recommend Exult for playing U7 on modern computers.

I’m currently reorganising this stuff (along with the rest of my website), but meanwhile, here’s some of the stuff that used to be on an old Ultima page of mine:

  • Ultima VII plot diagram (U7 plot is a little bit confusing so here’s something to ease things up.)
  • Ultima VII map, annotated (Note that many of the places are unlabeled and many other names are a bit sarcastic. While there’s no prominent references to the name, I believe the place is actually called “Stonegate”, not “The Spankamiah Fort”. =)

Stuff to come:

  • Ultima VII fan translation to Finnish: This was a project that was going on for a while here, until i ran into a whole lot of obstacles and ran out of time and energy to do this. Should probably include an archive of the tools and a dump of the state of the stuff in case someone wants to continue the work and/or it will be useful for other fan translation projects.