Here’s my inventory of RPG and strategy game stuff of various kinds…


These are the books I “collect” – I don’t necessarily have intentions to play in these worlds, but some I had to buy because they were cool – interesting in one way or another.

To get: Getting more GURPS stuff is slower than usual, but the Alpha Centauri book sounds pretty cool and, if I somehow find money to get it, that’s to be got.

Basic rules

  • GURPS Basic Set, 3rd ed. revised
  • GURPS Lite (self-printed; Download it now from!)


  • GURPS Compendium I
  • GURPS Compendium II

Genre-specific generic books

  • GURPS Magic, 2nd ed.
  • GURPS Grimoire
  • GURPS Bestiary, 2nd ed.
  • GURPS Fantasy Folk
  • GURPS Bio-Tech (The Furry Stuff =)
  • GURPS Mecha (I will probably make my own mind about vehicle use…)

“Vague” settings books

  • GURPS Y2K (In 1999, I got this because it was the perfect crystallization of the Y2K paranoia. Well done, SJG =)
  • GURPS Cyberpunk

Specific settings books

  • GURPS Japan (Has Fox Spirits, but not a word of wolves…)
  • GURPS Russia (…but this one has only 4 lines of foxes and whole bunch of stuff about wolves, natural or not =)
  • GURPS Camelot
  • GURPS Myth (I loved the computer games, this rules…)
  • GURPS Werewolf: the Apocalypse (Played once in the net but didn’t really get too far due to lack of time; again, a cool book that needs further real use!)
  • GURPS Technomancer (Another book bought because of the stunningly cool idea – but I really need to base some campaign here one day!)
  • GURPS Alpha Centauri (From Avarice. Like Myth, this book rules. And it’s in full color, too. =)

d20 and Dungeons & Dragons

Related sites: Acaeum, WotC’s D20 page, WotC’s D&D page EN World D20 Reviews

Most of this stuff is for D&D Classic, but I’m definitely going to get D&D 3 3rd ed. stuff now that it’s becoming a really credible RPG system, with open rules =)

D&D classic, English

  • Dungeons & Dragons Game boxed set (14th printing from 1991)
  • Dungeons & Dragons Game Rules Cyclopedia
  • Dungeons & Dragons Hollow World Campaign Set (What, is this so obscure that none of the game book archive sites have any information about it? =)
  • Jade Hare module (The “coverless” one. Hrrrm… Acaeum says this is “rare”. Interesting. This one is in nice condition, and I even have the envelope in which this thing came, and the letter. =)

D&D classic, Finnish

Note that I primarily bought all rule books in English; the Finnish ones were tracked down much later. Apparently somewhere around 1994-1995, one shopping mall in Tampere noted no one in their right mind is going to buy this sort of so-called “translations” at such high prices, so they reduced the prices somewhat. g So, I got these fairly cheaply.

  • Dungeons & Dragons Fantasiaroolipeli: Expert-säännöt
  • B7 Rahasia (Have I mentioned this one really rules? =)
  • X1 Vaarojen Saari
  • B9 Caldwellin Linnoitus (Unlike other modules here, this was bought at the full (or more likely Less Dramatically Reduced?) price from Fantasiapelit! The module sounds fun…)
  • BSOLO Leijonalinnan Aave
  • AC2 Taistelusuojus
  • AC2 Hahmolomakkeita (Bduh! Pre-printed character sheets? Photocopiers have been invented… =)

d20 system, English

Oh yea, this should be the biggest growth area in near future…

To get: Something other stuff that I got interested about and should get in the future: FR Faiths and Pantheons, Magic of Faerûn, and Dragons (Alderac EG)…

…and the Revised Edition will be on the shopping list at some point in time, but I regrettably have better stuff to spend money on right now. Besides, I heard the tweaks will be in the SRD anyway.

d20 system, Finnish

  • I think I had a printed version of Project Massah rules (the Finnish translation of the System Reference Document) somewhere…

BattleTech (FASA)

No miniatures or stuff like that, sorry… This is a good strategy game. No, it’s a great strategy game. =) All of my stuff is the stuff FASA made before going under.

  • BattleTech 4th Edition
  • BattleTech Master Rules
  • BattleTech Record Sheets 3060
  • The Clans: Warriors of Kerensky
  • BattleTech Field Manual: Crusader Clans
  • BattleTech Technical Readout 3050 (Ah, the glorious days of the Clan Invasion…)

World of Darkness (White Wolf)

  • Werewolf: the Apocalypse, 2nd edition (Thanks to AvariceWolf for sending this. Very cool, even when I already had the GURPS version – more bushiness is more bushiness =)

RuneQuest (Chaosium/AH)

I bought some RuneQuest stuff the day I also got a whole bunch of Finnish D&D stuff… which would be December 28, 1993, according to the scrawlings on these books. These were from the blowout sale of RPG stuff at CitySokos, Tampere.

Never seen the actual RQ rules though…

  • Omenakuja (Adventure module; Finnish edition of Apple Lane)
  • Käärmepiipun Syvänne (Adventure module; Finnish edition of Snakepipe Hollow)

Random books and things

  • Murphy’s Rules (SJG)
  • Silicon Valley Tarot (SJG)
  • Elhendi (Ace Pelit) (An interesting Finnish elf-hugging fantasy RPG – from the day and age when Finns made small but interesting RPGs for small and interesting gamer population…)


  • Sininen Lohikäärme (4 issues; All that were ever published, I suppose???)
  • One extremely gnawed issue (#205, May 1994) of Dragon Magazine…