I’ve participated in National Novel Writing Month since 2010. It has generally been awesome time. Wordcounts have been met, quality not necessarily so. But the point of the exercise is to produce interesting material, and not perfection on the first try — so, really, success is where one finds it!

One day, I’ll probably describe my novel projects here in detail, but for now, here’s a list of them.

Dusts of Avalon (2010)

Super epic sci-fi story where aliens are attacking Earth and only the Knights of the Round Table in bloody awesome mecha mode can save the day. Or something along those lines.

I was actually happy about how this turned out. The original manuscript is available!

Who Mourns for a Lost Dream? (2011)

This was an attempt at fleshing out Avarthrel setting into “Planet A” — essentially, modern/sci-fi era that is vaguely related to the fantasy era.

While I started this with high hopes and I’m definitely going to work this out somehow eventually, the end result wasn’t very good because the planning was pretty spotty.

Staring in the Void of Patience (2012)

Continuation of an Avarthrel fantasy novella that I was writing.

It was okay, and might be workable after some polish.

Through Sea and Dead Fields (2013)

Continuation of several unused Avarthrel story seeds and plot threads that I had been planning at the time. It didn’t really work out at all, even if I hit the word limit.

Echoes of Mirra (2014)

I think this novel had several plotlines that were basically my first attempt at fleshing out the “Planet A” setting — Mirra is a planet that was colonised by Avarthrelians. It ended up being a right mess.

Guardians in the Shadows (2015)

Another continuation of the 2012 storyline. Might be okay but a lot of stuff went wrong at the time.

Chasing the Witch (2016)

A right mess of a Planet A novel. Had a few good ideas though.

Blessings of the Graveship (2017)

A sci-fi tale about an intendured servant working on a spaceship who runs into a mysterious giant spaceship of the dead, gets blown to space, joins the crew and gets her revenge against a very evil sci-fi megacorporation.

Unlike the previous few attempts, this was vaguely workable, though it’d need a complete rewrite. I mostly wrote it just to see if I could complete NaNoWriMo on my Commodore 64.