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An alien menace threatens the Earth. Humanity wages a gruesome war against them, and now the war is coming to the home front. The inevitable final battle that could decide the fate of humankind appears to be too close by.

But people had forgotten about the ancient legend of old, about King Arthur returning to defend Britain in its direst hour. Britain is no more, but humanity is united against a common foe; the Knights of the Round Table just need the virtues of bygone days to successfully defeat the vile foes…

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Dusts of Avalon is a military science fiction novel that I wrote during National Novel Writing Month in November 2010, and it was completed in November 25, 2010, weighing in at nice 52,071 words. It was my first attempt at participating in NaNoWriMo and I actually completed it successfully - and I’ve been participating NaNoWriMo ever since.

I think the novel is quite interesting already as it is. Please read it and give me your feedback! Some stupidity and silliness remains, of course, and the results are just the beginning of something bigger. I need to revise the text extensively to make it actually good. But I hope you enjoy the NaNo text, even with its flaws!