Game Diary: Breath of Fire, Zelda 1, and mysterious old magazine stuff

Well, I got back playing Breath of Fire on GBA. Now I have all of
the characters in the party. Whee. Just bounced through two of the
Most Annoying Dungeons Ever (one with disappearing walls and one
with... um... invisible walls that do damage).

Well, this game at least has something which FF7 direly lacks,
namely, the Mrbl3. Whatever that is supposed to be.

And a while ago I got something really cool for GBA...
(Cue stupid hiphop background) It's the Legend of Zelda and it's
really rad... (fixes eyeglasses with tape) Aaw-sum! In-tense!
In other words, the NES Classics version of The Legend of

Which is a pretty good game. I was never able to get the cart for
NES - I got my own NES used after its sad twilight - but now I finally
have the game on a very interesting form.

One bad thing though: The translation is revised. The legendary
wisdom found in-game is intact ("Eastern penninsula is the secret",
"Dodongo dislikes smoke", and other such cryptic stuff...) but the
intro text and some item names have been de-typoed. And most notably,
which infuriated me to no end, the manual has been re-translated to
Finnish by the new Finnish Nintendo importer. Those bad translations
of the manuals sure added to the charm...

(And even further damns: While the new importer's manual
translations are better and that's a good thing ... There's no bad
translations in the whole package! GameCube games used to come with
extremely awfully translated "consumer information and precautions
booklet", but this game's booklet was apparently retranslated and is
now quite legible! DAMN!)

Speaking of which: In the weekend, I read through some of the old
Nintendo magazines from early 1990s. Some 12-year-olds had sent awful
ideas for game advertisement poems. A non-rhyming, free translation of
one particularly hideous thingy: "The game has average difficulty /
good music, great graphics." I'm not exactly a marketing expert, but I
wouldn't advertise a game as having "average difficulty". Or average
anything. =) And even further annoyment? The game this snippet was
describing was Zelda 2. Zelda 2 sure didn't have an "average
difficulty" level, it was a goddamned killer and complete non-fun
compared to Zelda 1. (Yeah, I have had pretty much fun with Zelda 1

Oh, and my sister had found a rather interesting used NES game
which I played in the weekend - Werewolf: The Last Warrior. (Review
from the local Nintendo Magazine: "This game is probably very good for
those people who like, for example, ninja games. And in this game, you
also have a tail..." Now that's a review that concentrates on the
essential facts, specifically, ninjas and tails =)

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