Start, dammit!

...or, some idiotic nitpicking on how to get the game running.

Here's one of the things that bugs me on modern console game UIs:
The inability for the game to start when I tell it to.

Take Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes as an example. The game
begins with title screens that proudly displays the logos of Konami,
Silicon Knights and Dolby Pro Logic II, and then comes the opening
intro, as epic as ever.

The problem is this: I've already hit the Start button several
The game doesn't react to the start button presses until
the opening intro starts.

I'm well aware of Nintendo's insistence on having the game display
all sorts of logos before the game developer can legitimately start
their intro. But why can't the games register the button press? They
can show all logos they want, but I want to push the button once,
only once.


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