(Okay, I got a little bit carried away writing the game diaries and they never ended up getting published. More game blogging coming soon! For reals!)

I can't exactly remember when it happened, but well over a year ago, I dropped my Nintendo DS on ground and the screen hinges went boom. Which sucked. Nintendo gear is supposed to be indestructible, dammit. I wasn't too unhappy about it, because it was actually starting to show its age anyway - terrible battery life and all of that.

In 21st of May, thanks to GameStop, I actually got a reasonably priced Nintendo DS Lite. (Okay, I had to swap it over on 22nd to get one that has a properly working D-pad. But that went without a hitch.)

I had to get the Lite, because DSi doesn't play GBA games.

You may be asking, why exactly did I bother getting a Nintendo DS? I have an Android tablet and a cell phone, right? Android has perfectly working GBA emulators too!

The thing is, as bloody awesome as Android is, I remain unconvinced Android is the future of mobile gaming. And that's considering the fact that Android is the absolute best mobile gaming platform right now.


The game I picked up while buying the DS Lite probably illustrates it. Assassin's Creed II: Discovery. The wiki article mentions that the game was first presented by Steve Jobs in a keynote to illustrate iPhone gaming. (You know, *ahem* terrible and confusing things often happen to games presented by Steve Jobs in his keynotes. Like how people ended up waiting for a looooong time for the Mac version of Halo: Combat Evolved, and the port wasn't even done by Bungie.)

AC2: Discovery was available for iPhone... until it was pulled from the App Store in 2013. You can't get the game on iPhone because of publisher shenanigans. But you can get the cartridge for Nintendo DS just fine!

And it's the same thing on Android, just in a different form, it seems. I wanted to play Tetris on the go. Now, Tetris is a frequently cloned game, of course, but the official licenced Tetris games on Android come from EA. EA, unfortunately, didn't get the memo that Android 4.1 was released long ago and games should be updated to run on those too. Unfortunately my tablet runs 4.1 and the phone runs 4.2.

I have a perfectly serviceable Tetris DS cartridge here. Now I have a functional DS. THIS SUMMER, BLOCKS SHALL FALL.

I was reasonably hyped to get the Android version of Final Fantasy VI, too... until there was a gigantic patch release, the patching failed, I deleted the game and now it's waiting for a redownload. All I need to muster some courage to face the constant joy of frequent app updates in Android.

Nah. Even if it'd be cool to see FF6 in glorious high definition, I think I'll replay the GBA version instead.

...and let's not even forget the whole thing about actually having a real honest controller and buttons.

But stll, getting back to Nintendo DS was a litte bit of a culture shock. "Is this touchscreen busted? It's terrible. Oh, um, right, I've just grown used to my Androids, touchscreens were shit 10 years ago. That's why DS came with a stylus." "...Can I send a tweet with this? No, I suppose I can't. Just like I can't play music. Bah! We didn't tweet with our devices back in the day, we used to actually game and shit."

(And of course, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connect was conveniently shut down a few days ago - good riddance, really, there weren't that many games to play online on DS and Wii, and the friend code bullshit was ridiculous compared to actually sensible systems like Xbox Live. The Wii web browser still works, and I suppose the DS browser would work, except I can't actually test it because DS only supports WEP and doesn't support WPA2. Must go test it soon.)

All in all, I'm happy to have a Nintendo DS again, because it's the last mobile platform I had in which I had astonishingly fun games and playing the games wasn't a ginormous hassle.