OS First Timer is a pretty cool concept: take the academic and software-industry style usability testing and apply it at the grassroots level. Specifically, showing various user interface concepts to your average mum who has most experience with Windows XP. How has usability changed over the years? Are the old operating systems really as terrible as we think they are? Is Linux totally unusable, as the critics claim, or are we geeks who claim Linux is really not that bad actually right? It's all here, and it's sometimes funny and sometimes insightful.

This channel is definitely worth following if you're interested in usability and software development!

(I've been aware of this channel for a while, but it took me until now to add the feature I've always wanted to have in blog sites - ability to post multiple different types of blog posts, kind of like in Tumblr or something. For starters, here's a link entry! Sometime soon, I'll have image galleries and stuff!)