Whew! NaNoWriMo is over again - hopefully, this will give me more time to blog about stuff again.

This is sort of a follow-up to earlier weird creepering in Full House Poker. Since then, there's been the release of World Series of Poker: Full House Pro, which is essentially the same game, except free and with random lures to sucker you into paying for more. (I just hate consumables in video games. Give me honest straight-up DLC any day.)

But to the Creepening!

Incident the first: There has so far been very little creeping in WSOP:FHP. Actually, I'm happy that the guys are actually getting more careful. For example, this guy was very careful in approaching me:

Unfortunately, I don't have screenshots of the other interesting incidents, because they involve voice chat and actual in-game events, and I didn't actually record those. So all of the quotes are paraphrases.

Incident the second: I was just playing in WSOP:FHP. The annoying thing about WSOP:FHP is that it seems that joining games with your friends is a bit complicated, but these guys had managed to do it.

Two weird British fellows babbling out of party. Apparently, one of them was getting fed up with the fact that he was never winning.

"This is bullshit! I've not gotten even a pair in five hands!"

...all the while constantly going all in pre-flop.

If you haven't played Texas Hold'em: it's lucrative, but not wise, to stick in large bets before the flop (when first three community cards are dealt and you actually get to see if the two hole cards in your hand are actually potentially worth anything). You shouldn't do any of that bullshit unless you're dead certain your hole cards are strong enough - such as if you have a pair of aces or kings or whatever. Going all in is usually fatal at this phase and you end up losing if the flop is also rubbish.

Also: Poker is a game of chance. A form of gambling. If the Random Number God is against you, there's nothing you can do. It's an easy thing to miss, but most of the time, you're not guaranteed to have a good hand at all. Just fold if you're at all unsure of your hand.

So, of course, when I actually managed to have a good starting hand, I went all in too. People who keep getting frustrated and mindlessly going all in all the time are ripe for the picking.

And I won.

"She's a cheater!" "Why?" "Can't you see her shirt? It says 'Thief'."

*ahem* yes, that would be my Thief 4 shirt, obviously. Eagerly anticipating that game so that I can steal people in the face. =)

Incident the third: Halo 4! We were having some interesting time. Between the games, one of the guys (a little bit drunkely, I guess) tried to chat with another player who had a service tag "GIRL".

"Heyyy, what's up, girl?" (etc etc etc)

Okay, she didn't actually respond or turn her mic on. The guy tried his luck with another player.

"Never mind. Are you there, Babyface?"

The guy with "baby face" as part of his gamertag turned on his mic. "Yyyyup!"

(Awkward silence.)

"Hey, WWWWolf, I hope you're at least a real woman?"

(You could practically hear the suppressed snickering from other players)

Luckily, the next game started before this was relevant, and he quit. =)