Oh, this is kind of a shame, but all I can do right now are game diaries, it seems. (I do have a Thing of Greater Importance™ in play, though – just wanting to test how easy it is to copypaste stuff from LibreOffice to Drupal and how clean HTML I get that way. My guess is not very.)

Some of the more recent game shenanigans:

Halo 4

I'm actually having fun in Halo 4. I'm actually sometimes being awesome in Halo 4. This is quite remarkable.

I'm a little bit concerned about the relatively low playlist populations. It's not difficult to find games at all, but I can't honestly remember seeing playlist populations climb to 10000s lately on any playlist. But I did notice that Big Team Slayer has gotten 6k to 8k every time I looked, so there's at least some solidly popular playlists. Shame that H4 is getting less popular already, while Halo Reach is incredibly enough still pretty popular.

Converserly, it's also good that when stuff gets fixed, people do seem to return to H4. Big Team Slayer isn't quite the drudge it was some time ago, and people have fortunately returned to it – and it's totally awesome nowadays.

DuckTales: Remastered and TMNT:OOTS

Oooh, this was a nostalgia blast. These two games were recommended to me by two good friends of mine. DuckTales is as brilliant as it was on NES days, though one thing immediately struck me: since I'm by far not a 8-bit game geek, I picked easy difficulty, and dammit, the levels immediately struck me as damn short. Yes, they're just as long as they were in the NES days. Games in ye olde days just didn't have any appreciable length, they just padded the gameplay with constant deaths. I'm glad that the remake crew added witty dialogue to the game to add some actual appreciable plot to it.

TMNT:OOTS looks pretty cool so far. Absolutely awesome music. Brilliant and hilarious dialogue. Like I said to a friend who recommended this to me, this is basically Bayonetta with puns instead of guns. Since I'm more familiar with the 1990s TMNT cartoons and games, and not as much familiar with the recent developments, I need some getting used to the style – the more realistic looking turtles are freaky and awesomecute at the same time.

I was a little bit weirded by the fact that TMNT:OOTS was not a Konami title...

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

...so I got a Konami title.

Well, I decided to go out and buy a kick-ball game. Because football is just about the only sport I can actually watch without massive boredom. My head is weird like that.

I was just struck by how I got the Xbox 360 version and this game has advertisements for PlayStation. Good that Microsoft didn't pull out knives.