Random button. Hit it. hit it. This won't appear on too many blog posts, I swear.

Yeah, this is going to be a pretty pointless blog post.

As a part of migrating my old stuff to Drupal, and due to the fact that some of the URLs changed, I had to re-integrate Flattr to the website. It actually went better than expected, except that Flattr has apparently changed and things are leaning more toward the automagical submission of things.

I don't really get the point of Flattr these days. I guess I just don't submit much stuff, because in the past year, I think I got one flattr button click. For my NaNoWriMo project, of all things, before it was even remotely complete. In the entire time I've been using flattr, I've earned whopping €0.82. Don't know how much taxes I need to pay on that.

I'm just terrible at plugging my stuff and begging for flattr clicks, I guess. But I just added more money to Flattr because I'll just give a few pennies toward some of the awesome projects that are being done out there. No harm in that, I guess.

So I guess this post is yet another random reminder that it's totally okay by me if some people hit the buttons and stuff and send a few pennies my way. It's also totally okay if you don't. Beastwithin.org and Avarthrel.org hosting costs are going out of my own pocket, and I don't expect them to make a gigantic dent on them. I don't expect flattrings to cover my coffee costs, even. Just hit the buttons if you feel like it or not.