First, a pretty boring notice: As you can probably see, The Gameless Game (and the rest of the stuff on this website) recently moved to a content management syste called Drupal. What this means for the users? Absolutely nothing. Old links should work just fine. Currently, commenting and account registration is still disabled here until I iron out some of the final kinks and get the site going properly, and of course the RSS feed location has changed too. (...actually, I think it's bigger news that we moved from Atom feed to RSS, but this is totally not my choice. Dammit, Drupal should not support obsolete semi-standards like RSS =)

NeverBlender: really old shit modernised (a little bit)

Drupal hijacks the site's 404 handler. This means that the first thing I noticed about the site was that there's still people out there who are actually looking for NeverBlender and trying to download the darn thing. NeverBlender, for those who don't know, is a plugin for Blender that lets you make 3D models for Neverwinter Nights mods.

The thing is, NeverBlender hasn't been updated in years. Basically, what happened was that I started writing NeverBlender without really knowing a whole lot about Python programming language, 3D models in games in general, and the Blender programming interface. It was a highly educational experience. Then some other people started contributing stuff. Stuff got way over my head. When Blender interface changed in following versions, I was kind of unable to fix NeverBlender. Subsequently there were strategic outages at the development server and other little things like that.

So these days I just have to state that I don't actually maintain the bloody thing anymore. However, I've now converted the original code repository to Git format and it's now available in GitHub. This means that no one needs to ask me any permissions or help to actually fork the code and start tinkering with it. Just fork the darn thing! If there are people out there who want to fix the thing, the chances are you're probably bigger experts on the subject than I ever was. You can't make the thing worse, anyway.


Some time ago I actually bet Bayonetta. Took over 3.6 years, but I suppose it was totally worth it. And the funny thing is, I'm only now starting to vaguely figure out how to play the damn thing!

Diablo III

Yep. I'm in the enemy camp, because Torchlight II didn't get Xbox 360 port - hope it will eventually arrive on Xbox One.

So far, the game is very very pretty and very atmospheric. And it kind of follows Torchlight's footsteps in that it provides pretty nice console control scheme. I like.

Shame that the game only supports Xbox Live and not - I don't have the heart to bug a friend of mine to get an Xbox 360 version. =) Also, the game doesn't have the druid class so no excessive wolfiness either! Or wolf heads of self-repair! =(

It also inspired me to return to Dungeon Siege III for one night. I was absolutely drunk, had no idea what I was doing, and somehow managed to do better than I ordinarily do. I need to finish DS3 one day!

Saints Row IV

"Basically Crackdown."

That's my two-word review. Not that there's anything wrong with Crackdown, it's a pretty good game, and so is Saints Row IV. So far, SR4 has been all I've wished it to be.

WSOP: Full House Pro

WSOP: Full House Pro surprised me, because it was available for free. Obviously it is, because it's pushing some of the stuff as consumable payments, which is shit I don't really appreciate. Also, the game lists itself as beta, and I'm glad it does, because it has absolutely no tolerance for lag at the moment. Stuff gets really slow. Hope it gets addressed. But aside of that, it's a great game in spirit of Full House Poker, and I totally like it. Has potential.

Tomb Raider (2013)

I tried to find multiplayer company for TR lately, and I was unable to find any. This was curious, because the multiplayer is pretty fun. I finally isolated the culprit yesterday: No one has the DLC maps, dammit. Once I disabled all of them, I started to find a lot of games - and a bunch of clueless newbies too! The game has great multiplayer  but the matchmaking system really has some rough edges.

Halo 4

Brilliance continues!