As of this day, and all of the blogs therein (this blog and The Gameless Game) are now officially running on Drupal. And all shall be Drupalified. This is a pretty significant thing to say.

There's still plenty of tweaks that need to be done to get nicer blog and website features, but I'm pretty sure I'm now officially in production mode. As of today, Movable Type is gone. Old content got migrated a while back, and now I've brought in redirects from old content. I can get rid of the old locations completely once I migrate blog images some day. And I'll be bringing in lots of weird static page stuff eventually.

Most significantly there'll be no distinction between my personal user page and the stuff that's stored therein. I'll be moving all of the old stuff to new, more accessible locations and putting in appropriate redirects.

I've often wondered whether or not it would be plausible to move my site to Drupal, but after careful consideration on what yet another curious licence change means in Movable Type land, I think things are better this way. In Drupal side, I can simply get outstanding and brilliant features for the site all thanks to open source plugins, while Movable Type 6 will be dwindling in the edge - but that's a peril that MT isn't alone with, and will be subject to another rant.

Shit. Probably can't afford a beer this week. Oh well, the point is, the future is bright!