This is the second unofficial first post on the Drupal-based blogs. =)

This site's conversion to Drupal is going pretty well. Blogs have been imported, and the only major part of the move is getting rid of the old content, adding all redirects to go to proper locations, properly styling the blog and adding all normal blog-related bells and whistles like index pages and sidebar garbage, and eventually (when I get around to it) moving all pictures to Drupal media management instead of hosting them from old locations.

The snaggiest piece of snag currently is WordPress Migration module, which is failing for stuff. Well, it did bring in blog content and comments and tags and such. No problem there. Wish it had worked without error messages.

Today I undid the biggest mistake I did - using the built-in Drupal "blog" module. As I have multiple blogs here, it's easier to just roll out the proper categorisation using taxonomies and like - just add a "Blog" taxonomy and a bit of Pathauto and Context trickery.

However, blog module's "Blog" content type is "magical". You can't simply disable it - the content will still appear in the system, but it's no longer updateable and doesn't actually have a type. Luckily, simply re-enabling the module made everything peachy again. So the correct solution is to create a new content type with same fields, then use Convert Node and Views Bulk Operations modules to convert the stuff to the new content type. Then, the blog module can be disabled safely.

And it all went fine.

Except in that one funny incident when VBO module got all arithmetic on my ass.