Looks like last month, Movable Type developers released a new version of MovableType.org website.

Go on, go to the main website. See if you can download Movable Type Open Source somehow.

Nnnope. You can find nothing but hard selling of Movable Type Pro.

If you go over to the MovableType.com to purchase it, there’s no mention of the open source development at all. Except the tiny link at the bottom leading to “Open Source Information”. 404 Not Found.

I rarely get this pissed off about website redesigns, but guys, are you fucking kidding me?

The last time this shit happened, it was actually a deliberate change of licence. It led to the creation of a content management system you may have heard of, called “WordPress” or something like that.

I’ve not really paid much attention to that software and don’t know how they’re doing these days (I’ve heard it’s kinda popular or something, though), because Six Apart saw the error in their ways and re-released MT 4 under open source licence once again. And there was MovableType.org that was deliberately created to help people to get the open source version.

Please don’t tell me this is an indication that MTOS is going to be discarded AGAIN.

If it is, someone please fork it and produce something better than WordPress. (MTOS 5.2.7 is still available in SourceForge mirror, by the way.)

Apologies if I seem a little bit aggravated about this, but knowing Movable Type’s history, all I’m saying is that they should have handled the transition a little bit better. If I didn’t know that MTOS is an open source project, I’d be terribly tempted to be dumb and go waste hundreds of dollars on a Pro licence. Because that’s what the alleged open source site is selling right this instant.

On the bright side, if they’re really ditching MTOS, I at least have some experience on migrating MTOS content to Drupal. Just so that I don’t need to try WordPress. =)