I’ll post a proper game diary entry tomorrow earliest.

Meanwhile, here’s a tiny rant.

I was kind of psyched about the Halo 4 Global Championship 2013. I actually participated even when I had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. And, of course, some pretty famous names made their way into the finals.

Uh… yeah, the finals.

I got some vague instructions on how to watch the damn things. According to my modest understanding of geochronopolitics, “4 PM PDT” is what we here on the other side of the Puddle call “02:00 EEST”. One hint solved. Okay, I was actually waiting for people to show up for chat, they (*ahem*) didn’t, I nodded off, and woke up at 2:30 AM. (No big deal, they hadn’t started the actual games yet.) The other things mentioned included signs and portents like “Verily! It will be shown on Halo Waypoint!” and “Truly, thou shalt keep thy eye on the Dashboard.”

Yeah. I found the live stream on Halo Waypoint. The website. Not the Xbox 360 app.

Why was it bad? Because my puny netbook couldn’t play the stream properly. Actual game sessions turned into confusing slideshows. Punctuated by the buffering. The buffering. Oh my goodness, I got such terrible flashbacks of RealPlayer that I quickly started looking for (*ahem*) alternate solutions.

Trying to access the Halo Waypoint website via MSIE for Xbox 360? No dice. The stream player was based on Flash. Take a few guesses how well plugins work on 360.

Uh, didn’t they mention the stream was on Twitch.tv? Yes, for the previous days. Not the finals. No dice.

Was it on Xbox 360 Dashboard, then? Nnnnnnno special mentions of it. Maybe they forgot to put up notifications in middle of the night in Europe. No dice.

Um, didn’t they release some kind of a live event player for 360? Redditors seemed to ramble about the stream being available through that thing. Funnily enough, the live event player it wasn’t available in apps marketplace so I went to my download history. …nnnnope, no available events to stream. No dice.

Well, isn’t this brilliant.

Compounding to this is the fact that I checked the Waypoint app on Tuesday and, yep, no clippies yet, just photos. They’re not exactly too keen on making it available retroactively on Xbox Live side.

I hear the stuff is available on YouTube. Which is good, because my desktop computer and netbook and my Android tablet and my Blu-Ray player and Wii can play YouTube just fine. 360 can’t. The app isn’t available here and MSIE gives funny audio synch errors on fullscreen mode. Not saying this is particularly damning on 360 MSIE’s part, just saying it’s a bit annoying when the stuff was supposed to be available on XBL.

Still, I hope that next time when this sort of live streams happen and they’re widely advertised as being available on Xbox Live, I’m just saying that that sort of advertising might lead to the fact that some nutters are staying up at 2 AM trying to watch that thing. And if it’s not plainly and obviously on Xbox Live, maybe there’s a problem in the air.

Still, guess I’m only mad because the only computer capable of playing the stream wasn’t quite up to the task. Guess the important part was that the stream was available here somehow.

And I’m mad I got beers for no reason. But beer, lovingly stored and wisely consumed, is rarely wasted, so that part is quite academic. =)

But this is a digression. The actual championship was actually really amazing and I hope there’ll be more of the same. Congrats to the winner, congrats to 343 and Microsoft for putting together a nice show (based on the bits I actually managed to see) and especially congrats to the winner. (…whoever it may be, I’m trying to keep myself in suspense. =)