Halo 4: Sleepy Spartan

In the past 5 weeks, we have witnessed something cool in the Halo 4: the Halo 4 Global Championship 2013.

I took part in this championship even when I had no chance of winning and even if I kind of hate Free For All game types (except for Regicide, which is kind of fun). I just wanted to see how well I did. And sometimes, I managed to have loads of actual fun.

Well, to be specific, I took part in Week 2 and Week 4.

I was actually pretty happy that I got in the four-digit club. Somehow. I guess there weren’t zillions of people qualifying.

In week 2, the GC had SWAT. I was kind of annoyed that the game type was obviously not Halo. SWAT isn’t really Halo, now is it?

Still, I managed to have loads of fun in this playlist by simply whipping out the pistol. You don’t want to cross someone who was doing legendary shit in the Anniversary playlist in Reach with the pistol.

I was doing decently there.

Week 4 was also interesting because it had weird-ass Slayer modes (UNSC/Covenant/Forerunner slayer), Oddball and King of the Hill. The weird-ass Slayer modes were loads of fun.

The objective modes were less so. Oddball was okay, but King of the Hill was one of the most terrible modes I’ve ever played in Halo games.

Allow me to enumerate: KotH is usually a team game. This means that people usually develop team strategies for it. This includes stuff like picking up the sniper rifle and clearing out enemies from the hill. Of course, in FFA KotH, snipers just manage to annoy everyone and not actually get points for themselves. Borderline trolling, I guess.

Secondly, KotH settings for this playlist made the hill sequence linear, not random. Linear sequences are absolute bullshit in KotH. You know, the game type was called Crazy King in previous Halo_s for a reason. What the games basically amounted was this: Run to the _next hill spawn location in advance. Kill the oh-so-smart guy who has camped himself in that location just before you. Wait for the hill to spawn and plant butt to the ground, don’t bother shooting at anyone who comes your way. You get 5-10 free seconds before the others run in. Repeat. Managed to get to 3rd place once with this “technique”. Pictured above.

But aside of the KotH, the game types were great in weeks 2 and 4.

I was kind of disappointed that Week 5 had Legendary Slayer gametypes. What I would have liked to see in Week 5 was something along the lines of this:

  • Mini Slayer on a rather limited region of Ragnarok
  • Slayer, 2x2x1 map unit box with all the spawnpoints inside of it facing each other. Let’s call this map and game type “Toss-up”.
  • FFA Grifball Pro. No sprint. No loadouts. Spartans only. Final Destination.

All in all, the championship was really fun whenever I could get myself to like FFA game modes and absolutely brutal difficulty. I really hope the finals get some sort of online coverage later on.

Probably the best moment of the championship was one game where there was one guy who got 20+ kills. He was killed only 4 times. All by me. Awesomeness is relative, is all I’m saying. If I can’t be the victor, I shall settle on being a truly worthy adversary. =)

And I suppose I should put in here a small mini-rant about how the pro modes disable instant respawn.

I liked the fact that Halo 4 introduced instant respawn. As I mentioned in the previous blog post, I’m used to instant respawns. Not because some evil competiting popular game series for retarded 10-year-olds has it, but because it’s in proper shooters too. Some criticise Halo spawn system in general, but really, all it boils down to is that the maps should have better spawn locations, and it has nothing to do with spawn timing.

No bloody reason to disable instant respawns.

However, I think pro game modes should disable grenade indicators. Those make things too easy. =)