Okay, summer has been interesting and uninteresting. Will probably start rambling more about games soon again.

But here’s a random tidbit:

I’m slowly, very slowly, trying to get some new friends in RL. This is not exactly going to be an easy task. Primarily because I’m such a shut-in. But all that’s going to change. I’ll be more proactive and shit. I’ll actually try to see if there’s anything interesting going on in the town. Eventually.

Anyway, one of the big things I realised that my t-shirt selection kind of sucks. I just seriously need more game t-shirts. Strictly speaking this is not some magic trick that is going to help me find friends, but dammit, I just want to. =)

All I previously had was a Nethack t-shirt.

Goo-ood boo-ook

But now I have a proper Halo 4 shirt!

Halo 4 shirt!

Yesssh. =)

Funniest part is that the shirt is apparently “Licensed for Xbox 360”, so I know there won’t be any compatibility issues with actual Halo games!