I felt the desperate need to go out to the town today.

I had a single plan. I wanted to ruin a joke.

Out there in the big, big world, it’s become a little bit fashionable to name your access points along the lines of “FBI Surveillance Van”. It was funny for maybe 3 minutes.

So today I went out to the town. Headed near our central police station…

Oulu police station

…and took a look at what wifi networks are available.


Yep. The police station is actually covered by panOULU, the municipal Wi-Fi network.

Now, I need to remind you that the police are unlikely to actually snoop on the network, even when the actual access points are located at the police station. Let me remind you that it’s an open WLAN, though, and that means there’s potentially snoopers around. Civilian snoopers. Go for SSL, you’ll need it.