This week, I finally got to the 21st century.

New Old Monitor

It’s a bloody flat monitor! My CRT is gone!!!

The only problem is that it’s still a bit old monitor. And it only does 1280x1024 and my CRT did better than that. But goddamn it, the picture is really smooth and nice, compared to the flickermess of the CRT.

But that’s not all!

Section "Monitor"
        Identifier      "AL1715"
        Gamma           1.0
        Option          "DPMS"

I didn’t have the manual for this thing. I didn’t put in HorizSync or VertRefresh. I didn’t put those in. And it still works.

I’ve been using Linux since 1996, and this is the first time I’ve trusted X11 to automatically figure out what the hell the monitor does and supports. Because LCD monitors don’t generally blow up if you feed them wrong refresh rates. (Okay, supposedly CRTs haven’t done that in ages, but still.) And the epic AGP-bus NVIDIA 7600GT card talks to the ye olde flatty-panely monitor and gives me 1280x1024. Bloody incredible, isn’t it?

(And the funny thing is, my Windows 7 netbook gave me 1024x768 on first try on this monitor. …Okay, that’s not particularly amusing.)

Time to get moving on…

(Okay, a random post-scriptum addition: I just realised that there’s a pile of Iomega Zip disks next to the routers in the photograph above. I’ve literally not touched them in years. I think that if I want to get to the present decade, I just might have to! =)