Micro-facepalm, courtesy of Google:

Gmail is an awesome thing - except when you need to write long emails. The JavaScript bullshit means that browsers will always keep freezing if you type up long emails. Not a problem with Gmail in specific, but the rule of the thumb is that if you do any kind of serious editing of text before you submit it to web, you’ll want to type that shit up in a separate app, then post it. I’ll usually just type longer emails in Emacs and copypaste and send them via Gmail.

So I was overjoyed when the Gmail Android app worked. Finally! I can send emails easily from my tablet! None of the random JavaScript and browser freezing! This is one of the good reasons to implement a rich client for web sites, right? Gmail really isn’t terribly fast on Android browsers. Also, if it freezes up in desktop, imagine how it’ll keep freezing in a tablet, right?

I typed up a 545-word email using the application.

Toward the end of the email, the application was… shall we say… freezing, to but it bluntly.

The longer the email got, the slower it accepted my typing.

*facepalm* You had one job, rich client. Not to freeze when I type up long emails.