This week I’ve been kinda busy with another awesome Community Forge Test playlist in Halo 4. I was very happy when the first Forge Test playlist appeared, and it’s very awesome that some of those maps have since been tweaked and added to matchmaking. And it’s even more awesome that 343i released a free DLC map specifically as a Forge canvas similar to Halo Reach Forge World. Even more awesomely, people have taken up the challenge and made some awesome Forge maps with it.

Between this and the first Forge test playlist, there was also another Forge playlist which I didn’t play that much, because it was tested in FFA modes and I’m not really that good at FFA. (Except Regicide. I’m sometimes kinda passable at it.)

So, a few really cool maps dropped in May 20, 2013 playlist update, in Community Forge Island playlist. Here are a few brief notes on them.

Ender (The Fated Fire): A rectangular arena that somehow reminds me of one of the best Forge maps in Halo Reach, Kingdom. Looks like a fantastic map for slayer and King of the Hill.

Confined [aka “CONFINED”] (Big Papa SaLoT): Oh my frigging goddess, it’s Narrows, an amazing Halo 3 map of glorious history! I was so annoyed that they nixed Select from Halo Reach, and I was so happy that H4 shipped with Solace, which is quite reminiscent of the overall design. Confined seems to work pretty nicely and CTF on this map is really fun.

Crucifix (Wraith2098): A map with nice cruciform building where the killing happens. Also side areas where killing happens, professionally. Didn’t seem to be particularly popular when I played it, but seems like a fun Slayer map, really.

Onyx (Hahkarazy): A circular mess of cover and alternating levels, a nice balance of high ground and urban sneaky places. Kind of reminiscent of Skyline, but less fierce and has more hiding places. I really liked this in Slayer Pro modes, really keeps you in toes - it has lots of not-so-obvious camping spots and requires a whole lot of situational awareness. SWAT is “poke your nose out, die” exercise as usual, which I suppose is nice for people who enjoy that sort of a deal.

Elevated (Smexi Bilzo): The map that Harvest was supposed to be, apparently - lots of building-type areas and covered walkways, upper and lower walkways, nicely in shade - and a few open areas on the sides. Very fun Extraction map, quite a lot of fun in Slayer, wasn’t as much fun in CTF.

Forgotten [aka “Fuggedaboudit!”] (Flying Shoe ILR): Nice rectangular map with good variety of environments. It’s immediately obvious where you are, and where you should be going. Nice mix of elevation changes and flatness, and covered and open areas.