OK, I was tired and stuff yesterday, so I’ll just post a few brief remarks on what I’ve read about Xbox One so far.

My first thought when I saw the unit: “My, that’s an optical drive, isn’t it? Sure hope they’ll deliver games as disks, dammit.” (Yes, it’s a Blu-ray drive, apparently, and I sure hope they’ll do so.)

My thoughts when I read some of the specs: “Built-in DVR? Hoo boy.”

The thing about Xbox One was that people were worried that Microsoft was doing what the copyright mafia was telling them to do. No more used games, for example. If games are delivered on discs, this is going to be problematic from the copyright mafia’s point of view.

And, of course, in light of the bullshit I talked earlier, it’s awesome that Microsoft is defending what the gamers want to do: make awesome game videos. Copyright mafia can’t be too happy about this.

It’s awesome that Microsoft is obviously doing here what the gamers want to do and not what the big publishers would have wanted to happen. My prediction? Big game publishers will have to let out a big sigh and say “fine, have it your way then, gamers”. The culture will prevail.

The third thing I noticed was that Thief (aka Thief 4 for us oldtimers) is going to appear on Xbox One next year. WHICH IS FUCKING AWESOME.

That’s all for now! More thoughts hopefully later!