The May Day and associated celebrations were kinda fun.

Yeah, I’m stating that for the record, because you wouldn’t believe that from the photographs.

I don’t usually get drunk in May Days, but I thought that this time I should get properly drunk in the previous gaming nights. Day before, I had (sober) fun with a friend in Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, (slightly drunken) fun alone in Halo 4, and (incredibly drunken) fun in Team Fortress 2. I just wanted to do the achievement where you complete a game with every class. Murphy’s law stated the last game had to continue forever. Like, a hour. Shit. I was so wasted.

So the May Day Eve was spent in Halo: Reach and Halo 4 and I suppose a little bit in Portal.

But anyway, I’d rather not waste too much time with photographs of that night, because I noted that while I normally look rather silly in normal photographs, I generally just look stupid when I’m drunk.

Drunk and kinda stupid

Now, the miracle of the miracles was that I was dead sober in the May Day morning. I unfortunately headed out to the central Oulu a little bit early, and I had to head back before noon. The weather was getting windy and really chilly.

I did witness that there were Crimes Against Metal being committed. Now, I don’t care if you hang random religious symbols upside down or whatever, but you don’t stick metal flags backwards, goddamn it.


Also, apparently fedoras are some sort of a Reddit meme. I have no idea why. And I have no idea why they’re being sold out in the open here. Of all places in the world.

A vast conspiracy must be underway.

Seriously? Why fedoras?

The highlight of the day was that I got sausages. Sausages are kind of important. Wolves love sausages! Also, people have this ridiculous habit of posting pictures of food to social networks these days, and I don’t really get why people do that. But here’s a picture of sausages. Because I don’t really eat sausages too often. Even if wolves do.

Sausagement? Sausagement!!!

Anyway, it was kind of a shame that I had to go home so soon. The weather was just not against me, my camera batteries were dying sooner than I expected and other stuff seemed to conspire against me a little bit. And I found out there’s a new app for Xbox Live messaging on Android, but it didn’t work for me because it’s on beta and my tablet isn’t supported. So I sent messages to folks on website and everything kept jamming and oh god.

But overall it was a fun day. Make no mistake about that.

It was just that everywhere I looked, I got a little bit of a sad feeling. It’s kind of amusing in retrospect. It wasn’t a sad day, just that I think this May Day just sped past me.

Sadness in May Day

And of course, today’s weather totally nailed the sense of tragedy here.

May Day is fucking over.

The day after May Day

Yeah. May Day is the celebration of spring. Spring is here. Everything is fantastic in the spring.

And the next day, we get snow.

Yeah, I’ve been kind of depressed lately, but I really have to say that sometimes, it’s hard to not find the existence deeply hilarious.

Sometimes, the existence conspires against you.

Sometimes, the existence goofs at you and forces you to not take things too seriously.

This was one of those times.

I’m amused. I’m content. I’m happy now.