Last week, I was off Xbox Live. I was depressed. I wanted my head to clear up. I wanted to leave people alone and not bug them again.

I’m not sure if it did me good or bad. On the plus side, I made progress on other things. But on the other hand, I just thought that people were going ahead without me and I’m left here on my own.

But at least I wasn’t entirely off the grid what comes to gaming.

Awesome shit in Android land

I’ve not bought the Android bundles before, because I didn’t have an Android device. I just decided to grab Humble Mobile Bundle now that I do and I happened to have money. And also gifted it to everyone I knew who had Android devices.

Well, it does have Plants vs. Zombies, which actually works much better in Xbox 360, but it isn’t too bad on touchscreen. Most importantly it came with the soundtrack. Incredible shit.

But the midway bonus was pretty cool. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Another World! This was pretty funny. I remember that years ago, I bugged my sister to buy Another World for SNES (or it could have been Flashback, can’t remember exactly). She bought some other game instead, can’t exactly remember which. Now, all of sudden, both of us randomly got a copy of the game at no extra expense. Woo! …also, it’s a really fucking difficult game.

Also, I noted that a lot of the Humble Mobile Bundle games were done by DotEmu, which I hadn’t heard of before. Based on a little bit of digging, it looks like DotEmu is focusing on some really obscure titles that I really wanted to get back in the day, but didn’t. I really need to get Syberia series and the Silmarils games (both for PC) from them when I get around to.

(Also funny: Syberia series was written by Benoît Sokal, and I’m more familiar with his Canardo comics, many of which I’ve read in Finnish. As a gamer, I found it hilarious that, according to Wikipedia, one of the albums was translated in English as “A Miserable Little Pile of Secrets”. =)

Halo shit

I guess it’s too early to judge after a few games, but I really feel like absolute shit in Halo 4. Yesterday I was murdering everyone left and right, and generally being absolutely fucking crazy. I guess people just couldn’t handle random drunkenness. People expect other people have strategy. I just had the strategy of going there and killing people. Okay, that’s just my normal strategy, but I was drunk and shit just got more so. =)

But I was getting gobloads of points. And we weren’t winning.

I guess this is just what keeps happening to me in Halo Reach too. =/

Oh well, I’m sure it’ll get better one day. I just can’t attribute my terribleness to rustiness if I was getting good scores.

Perhaps I was just easily irritated when I was drunk, but the whole thing made me kind of almost get depressed again. Not that badly though. At least I was sobering up and there was a lot of stuff to do.

Skyrim is fun again!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim patch 1.9 is out for Xbox 360. And the fixed a grand number of bugs.

But most importantly, they fixed an annoying design decision. Specifically, the fact that it was possible to plateau and not really advance levels. I was pretty much stuck at level 55 and was unable to get up from that.

So the patch added legendary skills. What it does is that it lets you reset the mastered (100) skills back to 15 and return all of their perk points. Your skill level may be terrible again, but it can now be leveled up again and you’re gaining levels again.

As the most legendary assassin and thief of the land, my Archery, Sneak and Lockpicking were 100’d long ago. Now, I just reset them. It added a little bit of refreshing challenge to the game again and now I’m merrily improving the skills once again, having already brought them up from 15 to around 35.

I was a bit miffed about the whole Halo 4 debacle, but getting an epic killcam archery kill on a motherfucking mammoth made me feel a little better.

Just glad I was getting sober and wasn’t easily annoyed at the point. Before that, I might have started screaming “how the FUCK can I miss all these shots? IT’S A FUCKING MAMMOTH!!!” =)

The Giana sisters ride again!

Last year, I preordered Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams for PC, because I guess Nintendo needed a bloody payback for their stupidity for back when Giana Sisters got so terrifyingly strangled in the Commodore 64 days.

Of course, my netbook can’t run the game, so I was waiting for the Xbox 360 release.

Which happened last month.


Nobody fucking noticed. This is an advertisement failure of colossal proportions.

So it’s time to remedy that. Get that thing, now. It’s an incredible game, nice level design, great playability, very pretty graphics and absolutely incredible soundtrack. The game is kind of like “Super Mario Bros meets Sonic meets Braid meets Metroid meets motherfucking Super Meat Boy”. (Only died 111 times the first time I tried the first boss level. There’s an achievement for unlocking the Überhardcore mode. I’m so glad there’s no achievement for completing that. Good grief.)