Riiiiight! Time to continue!

“Er, what?” you may ask.

Time to continue long-suspended projects.

Nothing is true, everything is permissible

Above are some of the words of wisdom from a fellow by the name of Hassan-e Sabbāh, who provided the philosophically badass quote that has had quite a lot of influence on literature. Everywhere assassins of various stripes show up, this quote follows, expressed or implied. And not just literature, all other narrative forms of art as well—the quote has cropped up in video games as well. Can you guess which series?

Well, not this series, that’s for sure…

SR3: Everything is Permitted

For the record, the assassination missions of Saints Row the Third are hilarious. The missions themselves aren’t really anything much to write home about (make a person show up, shoot them in the face), but the fun comes from the hilarious descriptions of the targets and the fact that the game just doesn’t give crap about how you do those missions. Managed to run over and mysteriously twistinate one of the targets. A few of them got a rocket in their face. Some were mysteriously run over by an armoured vehicle mean to protect the populace from gang violence.

So that wasn’t a direct reference. But how about a more direct reference to Assassin’s Creed in another game?

MGSPW: Leap of Faith (1)

You may be wondering why I have the xbox.com language set to English. Well, Finnish version wasn’t really in Finnish:

MGSPW: Leap of Faith (2)

…yeah, sorry, the fact that the achievements randomly show up in Japanese is just about the least interesting fact anyone could think of. Sorry.

But the Assassin’s Straw Box in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is one of the most hilarious things ever. It acts as a guard vacuum cleaner. It leads to altogether too excessive Fultoning of enemy guards. In short, it’s going to be awesome.


I put the Assassin’s Creed: Revelations game on ice a long time ago, because of a few reasons:

  1. I was playing the game safe. Extremely safe. 100% everything, not let anything or anyone get fucked up. I’m still on the third mission or so, and the security is airtight. Everything is under control, the Mediterranean is being steamrolled, not a single screw-up so far. Unfortunately it was a little bit taxing way of playing the game. =)
  2. Other games showed up. A friend said I was good in Halo: Reach, so I, um, started playing Halo: Reach a lot. And other games. And there was Skyrim and a bunch of other cool stuff floating around. I got my feet wet with other awesome stealth games, like Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Dishonored. I got my feet wet with other awesome open-world action games, like Saints Row: The Third and Red Dead Redemption. Assassin’s Creed III’s release came and went. Uh, in summary, things happened, okay?

I’m sure I’ll catch up. Definitely.