Four Halo 4 video clips! I think I’ll just publish these instead of adding them to the eternal project to create a frigging montage. =)

A couple of days ago, I had a rather annoying day. I was kinda drunkish. It was hard to play when everyone was out to get me.

So first, I hid behind a column and proved to be somewhat impossible to kill. Distraction!

Then I decided to go play Extraction. You see, even if there’s confusion, if I’m drunk I still generally play reasonably tolerably. I can extract like a boss.

Aside of those particular highlights, the night was mostly a failure (okay, it probably wasn’t fully my fault), so I don’t think I’ll be playing drunk ever again. Especially with friends. Sorry guys.

But let’s not mope about that! Let us reminisce of other, brighter days with friends, shall we?

There was this one particular game. Here’s a full capture of the game to sate your appetite for weirdness.

Basically, what happened was that we ran into fucking boosters. In the bad day I mentioned above, we ran into goddamn cheaters. Cheaters are superannoying. Now, unlike cheaters, boosters aren’t quite as annoying, because they have the potential to be hilarious, as the clip above shows. However, we still lost, and this was no doubt due to the fact that this is not bloody exactly a Big Team Infinity Slayer game any more when our teammates hog that many fucking slots and aren’t playing, right? There’s a difference between boosting and boosting which screws up the game for everyone else. This is quite as annoying as it was in Halo: Reach Firefight, but I still hope this shit will be detected and people get commendation/rank wipes, just like in Reach.

Anyway, since *ahem* I had to go out and do some hand-work, I ended up getting 6 assassinations, 3 Mantis explodinations (because damn me if that mantis-stomping bastard gets any work done), 2 killing sprees and thirty-fucking-five kills. My friend got 22 kills, which is very nice as well. I really hope we managed to sufficiently annoy people with this thing. There were two other people in our team, but that doesn’t exactly count because they had local players which didn’t get any fucking points at all. And no doubt they were collaborating with the enemy to boost Mantis stomp achievements/commendations. Give no recognition for this sort of rubbish.

Finally, some epicness. Why do I get the feeling that Regicide games should be always watched in slow motion? (In case you don’t get the reference =)