Okay, this is going to be interesting.

I’m posting this thing on my Android tablet, and so far the blagging experience is quite pleasant aside of the fact that typing is pretty slow, even with SwiftKey installed. I had prepared for slow rendering times on Firefox for Android, but it looks like the administration interface shows up pretty fast.

Automatic correction looks pretty funny at times, especially when the languages are set to British English and Finnish. It doesn’t suggest “blogging” but does suggest “blagging” which probably means the SwiftKey guys love xkcd. Tomb Raider Nordic Edition randomly became the Tomb Raider Norwich edition, which, despite of my somewhat limited knowledge of British culture, I’d actually pay money for to see. Also it won’t suggest “shit” but does suggest “shittiä”. Finns are funny that way.

I will post more of my experiences with Android later on, but probably will not do blogging on this thing that much and that post will be written on desktop or netbook.