Yesterday’s greatest thing: The new Tomb Raider game.

Yesterday’s low point: Was it the fact that I had to bicycle through slightly freezing weather with high winds? Um, that was just moderately aggravating. It felt a bit good afterward.

Especially when I returned home and found the real low point.

Keeper Martin’s Tale, by Robert Stanek.

Robert Stanek’s Ruin Mist books are Internet-famous. He used to spam Amazon with sockpuppets who dropped in 5-star reviews until last year when all of the reviews for his books were deleted. He used to spam LibraryThing until the founder curb-stomped that thing and Stanek got a permament spam warning on his page. (Won’t bother linking, because non-logged-in users won’t even see the pages.) Lately, he’s been spamming Goodreads with 5-star reviews, too. As a Wikipedia admin who was involved in deletion discussions years ago, I also saw some interesting activity in Wikipedia.

And now I have a piece of Internet history.

This is one of those pieces of fiction that got me inspired of writing fantasy stories of my own. As in “I sure can do better than this guy and write actually good literature”. =)

I’ll just say it’s really odd staring at the book I’ve only seen cover scans of, and still have no frigging clue what this cover art is supposed to be. Mirrored statue tridents? What the hell?

It’s also really odd that I got an edition with this particular cover art, because the page on Amazon had different cover art altogether. Is the publisher recycling ISBNs? Naughty.

I still need to read the damn thing to actually write a review of it, so stay alert!