So, I had played about two hours of Doom 3: BFG Edition on Xbox 360. I decided to continue the game a little bit.

I had restarted Doom 3 several times on Linux. I can’t remember where I was.

Waltzed a little bit forward. Ran into a scientist guy I had no recollection of, because he gives a little bit goofy thanks when I save him.

Pretty sure I don’t remember any jumping puzzles or conveyour belt bullshit.

The first boss appeared.

“Yup”, thought I, “I’ve definitely not seen this one.”

I have no idea how to handle boss fights in this game, since I’ve never gotten into one. Decided to let the shotgun sing.

“Yup. Definitely not seen this one before.”

Killed it on the first try.

“Didn’t have any strategy in mind, but guess this is a typical Doom boss.”

A question arises: Why the hell did I think Doom 3 is a hard game?

I was hard pressed to get even this far on PC. Nowadays, getting this far was easy. I don’t really think I’ve gotten significantly better on playing Doom 3.

Playing Doom 3 on PC has, however, had all these little snags. Long loading times. Not much framerate at times.

Most importantly, my monitor was pretty dark and I just couldn’t see a damn thing even if I cranked gamma way up and tweaked the brightness levers to eleven. There was a small note with the PC version that Doom 3 is best played in middle of the night, and I really liked playing the thing in the middle of the night just so I could see anything on the screen. A used monitor I carried in from the recycling centre helped quite a lot - the picture is much brighter.

Maybe it’s just that much of a joy to play the game on a system that doesn’t really have any of these little snags, I wonder?