Now that I’m motivated to pull some shit off my camera’s memory card, here’s some Stuff regarding my recent adventures in Halo lands. I will post some screenshots in soon, but before that, some less interesting babbling about stuff that happened recently.

SR 130: It’s just a rank

For starters, in February 10th, the excitement was practically killing me in Halo 4.

Halo 4: SR 129, so little to go!

With just a little bit more effort, I was able to prevail…

Halo 4: SR 130! (1)

Halo 4: SR 130! (2)

…and now I’m SR 130, and all of my specialisations are done.

I left the Pioneer specialisation last, because the leveling in this game is so ridiculous that you just don’t need the Fast Track thing. (Though the Finnish translation does make it a little bit funnier - it’s “uraohjus”, or literally, “career missile”. For a more idiomatic translation, think “my career just went ballistic”. Still, we could use a few missile pods…)

While SR 130 is supposedly the highest level possible right now, when I checked my stats in Halo Waypoint, I was able to see that it’s totally possible to level up some more. It takes some effort, though, it seems.

Just a few more experience points needed to level up? Challenge accepted

(May whatever deities punish me if I ever use more ragecomic stuff in this fine blog…)

Seriously, though, I don’t know if they’re actually tracking the progress now, but I do keep on doing challenges and playing the games from now on, just as I did before. Gaming has to be done. Gaming must be done.

My Halo 4 stats are on HaloTracker.

Can’t Reach!

I have also been playing a little bit of Halo: Reach too. The thing is, the temporary ban thing has been acting up.

Halo: Reach ban warning

I’m not a huge quitter. I even have the Wrapping Up medal on my Halo: Reach stats in HaloTracker - having below 8% quit rate. HaloTracker says 1766 Matchmaking games with 37 ragequits. I doubt it’s really that low, I may have quitted a few more times with not as much rage as giving up in face of adversity. But that does still work out to relatively low quit rate, no?

And yet, the game sometimes gives me a temporary ban warning. Several times. Sometimes randomly in middle of a game.

And now it has actually banned me a few times for quitting.

Halo: Reach temp ban

It’s really weird. I guess I’ve confused the matchmaking system by not quitting often enough. =)

It apparently wised up and didn’t ban me again for quitting today, so I hope this thing will actually work after this weirdness.

Halo and Metroid shelf

Continuing on the game cataloguing rut: I’ve collected my Halo and Metroid stuff on the same shelf.

No, they didn’t annihilate each other.

Halo and Metroid shelf

And here’s a close-up of the Halo stuff:

Halo and Metroid shelf - closeup of Halo stuff

(Yeah, I know, the camera automatics are terrible. I put this thing here just to show that fact off deliberately.)

I need to figure out how to tastefully hide all of the Game Boy and DS games - I’m thinking of printing out some Halo art, enlarging it and sticking it on the shelf.