It’s funny how I’ve never gotten into Grand Theft Auto series a whole lot, even when I really liked some other Rockstar games. But I’ve absolutely loved some of the games that basically have the same concept. Assassin’s Creed is basically GTA with a brisk walking pace instead of crazy car chases, and instead of shooting people you stab the hell out of them. Great stuff. Loads of stuff to do.

And then there’s the famous imitator that people say is actually better than GTA: Saints Row.

I actually got Saints Row the Third off the Humble THQ Bundle, and didn’t play it at all because my PC can’t handle it. But people in Reddit did, and seemed to have loads of fun, recreating famous actors and whatnot.

So I got the Xbox 360 version too. And damn, that was a good choice.

Now, Saints Row the Third is a game of epic carnage and gang-related violence. There’s no disputing that.

SR3: Gang-related violence

But at some point, you always get bored of random senseless mayhem and just want to go do good things.

SR3: raaaain

I’m actually not much of a car person. I decided to steal a motorcycle instead. Much nimbler and I can get everyfriggingwhere with it.

SR3: Motorcycle

But since this is a crazy game, you can actually go and steal just about any vehicle… including utility vehicles like street scrubbers. (Have you ever had to flee the police in a street scrubber? That thing is slow and barely controllable. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried!)

And, of course, you can grab trucks too.

SR3: Ghetto cement mixer, yo!

Now, the cement truck drivers in this game are absolute asses. They block the way, and when you happen to commit even slightest traffic infraction, they retaliate with the same measure.

So of course, I had zero qualms going to hunt for one.

And put it to proper use as a gang vehicle.

Stylings and all.

And it’s so hilarious to draw this thing out of the garage with some hip hop blaring from the speakers.

SR3: Fixing the Saints 'hood

Hell yeah, I’m going to put an end to the violence and go fixing up the ‘hood with this goddamn cement truck of mine. We aren’t the Saints. We’re the Cements. Wait, that didn’t come out right. Okay…