…or, Random Shit that Happened This Week.

I’ve completed an inventory of my Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS games, and compared them against the game collection catalogue I’ve been building.

Just a few Game Boy games.

It’s good to take an inventory of this stuff right now, because I don’t really have a working portable game system. (…okay, I have my Game Boy Advance, but it’s got a taped-up battery door and it’s one of those early models without screen backlight, so playing it isn’t exactly a joyful experience compared to my old DS. =) Better inventory my games now that the games are in one place.

Glad that I could find a game for every box, and a box for every game. Found a random phantom entry (Donkey Kong Land 2 which, if I’m not entirely mistaken, actually belongs to my sister). Found a few thingies that were never entered in MobyGames. (Nintendo DS Browser For Nintendo DS - cartridges with ridiculous titles tend to take time to appear in MobyGames - and Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt, which is a demo so I guess it wasn’t entered in MobyGames.)

Speaking of Game Boy, here’s an oddity about a random Game Boy accessory.

This week, I bought a cheap Android tablet. I probably won’t be using it much for games. (I bought Fruit Ninja. Snap review: I think the Xbox 360 version is better.) I’m probably going to use it for reading ebooks, listening to audiobooks, and as kind of an oversized MP3 player. (Holy crap, I could cram a 16GB SD card in it, that’s more memory than all of my previous MP3 players combined. Holy crap, this actually plays Ogg Vorbis files. Holy crap I can get this thing to multiscrobble and cache scrobbles when not connected to the net. What comes to mobile operating systems, Android is the shit!)

Anyway, this “oversized MP3 player” part was the point where the olde Game Boy accessory truly showed its versatility:

This baggy thing

Put this in the “shit that’s still perfectly serviceable after 20 years of use”. Yup, the old Game Boy bag is just big enough to almost fit the entire tablet in it.

The Game Boy baggy was great for keeping the first-gen GB around. Incidentally, it proved to be a great temporary baggy for both my Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS too. Not sure if my sister might have used this same bag for her Game Boy Color as well at some point, as GBC is smaller than the original GB. The only problem is that the side baggies for the games were absolutely useless with Game Boy Advance games and even less useful with Nintendo DS games, so I had to come up with other baggies for them.

But here the bag is, back in action. I’m kinda tempted to try using the fantastic old Game Boy headphones with the Android tablet just to show that those damn things still work perfectly, too. =)

Thing the third: I used to do this shit in Halo: Reach:

Halo Reach challenges

…over and over and over again. All dailies and a weekly challenge.

And it’s nice to see that the skillz haven’t gone anywhere in Halo 4:

Halo 4 challenges

Dailies, weeklies and the fucking monthly too. Bam!