I think it’s time to resurrect this game blog for real this time. I’ve been updating it on and off, and most of my real thoughts on gaming have been gone to my identi.ca microblog and twitter recently.

But there has been several changes in the air that probably make the blogging a better idea. For starters, I think it’s every gamer’s duty to have their own game blog - you can’t confine your thoughts to yourselves and you don’t want to confine them in message board comments or social networks. Writing blogs is good for you.

Secondly, this blog is an old, messy place. It’s been migrated over several content management systems over years. The categories were kind of wacky. Now, the categories are little bit less wacky and I intend to continue this process of dewackinisation. This is further helped by the fact that I’m now running Movable Type 5 and using the new, clean theme.

In conclusion, you should definitely expect more content, and especially more interesting content, in the future. =)