To supplement various ramblings and evoke seasonal stuff wayyyyy too late, I present some random holidayish ramblings.

…well, here, technically, the Christmas season ends in a few days. Not that late.

Totally pointless ramblings, though, especially when I’m kinda tired.

Christmas 2012 was actually fairly decent, even when I mysteriously managed to do just about anything but play video games, which is sort of a crucial point if I’m making a post to a video game blog. But really, isn’t game culture kind of a same thing? Awesome things keep happening and they’re sort of related to video games.

The travelsome travels start by the ritualistic setup of the modern-era gaming devices in the time-honoured environment.

Machine setup of sorts

Originally, my holiday plans involved setting up the Commodore 64, setting up video capture and audio recording on my netbook, loading up some games, then doing some random gameplay commentary with my sister.

Unfortunately, I guess shyness got the better of my sister, the microphone was shit, and damn me if I could get the audio synchronisation working properly. So the end result of that little plan was just a short clip of the horror of the horrors, the most traumatising video game ever, Slamball. Seriously, do not watch that. My childhood was ruined by this thing. You have been warned.

Nevertheless, my sister managed to get me just about the best videogame-related present ever…

Lawyers are cute when they sleep

…and also a 2100 MSP card, which we promptly blew on a few very important things. Like Carcassonne DLC.

(Oh yeah, the world didn’t end. Probably because long ago, they released DLC for Carcassonne. As far as really weird events go, it’s kind of hard to top this one. Seriously, think about it. DLC for Carcassonne. Society that has survived this will survive anything else without batting an eye.)

Which isn’t to say there was time to focus on some more serious hardcore games, like, uh, Halo 4

Goo-ood boo-ook

…yeah, good luck focusing on Halo in holidays.

(At least I found my NetHack T-shirt.)

I did manage to play a few games of Halo 4. I’m happy to say that the game works quite well on the Commodore monitor - almost as well as Halo 3, which uses gigantic fonts and was originally designed with SD televisions in mind, too. Halo: Reach worked less well just because it’s geared for HD and as a result uses smaller fonts. Halo 4 takes a small step back, and text is more readable.

The only thing is, the monitor is still slightly blurry and takes getting used to.
“Damn, this is one blurry monitor. I can’t hit anything.”
Headshot +10
“Okay, that was a total fluke.”

My sister is unfortunately no Halo or FPS person - we tried Portal 2 co-op, and not even the eventual promise of cake </letsgettheobviousjokesoutoftheway> could cure her motion sickness. So instead, my game collection grew with Trine 2, which looks like an interesting game (nicely put together, though surprisingly not particularly epic what comes to local coop), and, for some obscure reason, we ended up getting Virtua Fighter 2. Because it’s no Christmas unless there’s fighting. …that didn’t come out right.

My sister also showed great interest in one of the previos titles - Plants vs. Zombies table for Pinball FX 2. And she managed to completely wreck my previous high score of 18 million, as is all fitting and proper. 30 million. She asked me to do better.

And better I did.

I vaguely remember that she had to go to sleep at some point.


Yeah, 101 million. I suppose this score means something to someone. I didn’t mean to break it this hard. Sorry.

And we went shopping for clothes, which was an exercise in futility, as we both kinda agreed that the absolutely raddest piece of 360 Avatar gear are the rainy day boots, and it’s absolutely shameful that the male avatars cannot use them. (Rubber boots shall bring forth the trüe power of rock ‘n’ roll.) However, she did give me a bit of a wolf surprise.

Wolf surprise

All in all, the holidays were quite successful.