As people have doubtlessly noticed, the Steam summer sale is going on.

Yesterday I bought the iD Software collection. What’s remarkable is that the collection also includes Rage, which is the epic next-generation iD Software shooter that I completely failed to get when it was out the first time. Since my computers can’t run the bastard (and there’s no Linux version), I also went out and bought the Xbox 360 version off the bargain bin. I have to say, it looks like a fun game. Still, it’s fun to see that by buying a single collection of games, the iD Tech games on my Steam collection once again outnumber the Source Engine games - and all is once again fine with the world.

But I digress.

There’s been a lot of debate in gaming about DLCs. Is it okay that game companies basically release incomplete games and charge for the rest? Or is it okay that games get additional content later on?

I only have a personal problem with DLC, and that is the fact that I’m sort of a completionist. For example, the reason I never bought The Sims series was that there’s expansion pack upon expansion pack of stuff. My head couldn’t keep up, frankly.

It’s kind of odd to note that if I’m somehow unable to get the new DLCs right away, I tend to put games on the back burner. Most recently, this happened to Assassin’s Creed: Revelations - for a while, I couldn’t get the single-player DLC, so I just sod it and kept playing Skyrim, a game which didn’t have DLC. (Well, it does now, and now I’m angsting that it may take some time before I have 100% on Skyrim again. =)

And it all seems to come down to one prominent title.


Quake sits on the shelf.

My copy of Quake sits right on the shelf. I don’t have exact details on when I got it, but it was some time after the release, in early 1997 (I think), when I got my Pentium 166. (Funny how I tend to buy newest iD titles sometime after I get new computers.)

Here’s a small revelation: I still haven’t completed the bloody single-player campaign.

I’m not going to start again. I’ve been playing on and off in Linux QuakeForge. My latest save game is from 2007, in E4M2.

Perhaps I should just complete the bastard one day. (It’s not like I completely suck at FPSes any more, having done my fair share of Halo lately. =)

Especially when, after 15 years, I finally have the bloody DLC for Quake.

Oh, it wasn’t called DLC. They were called “expansion packs”. They weren’t downloadable, after all, and they had a more marketable name. (I sometimes wonder why DLC is even marketed with such a boring name. “downloadable content”. You don’t sell “content” to ordinary people. You sell EXPLOSIONS. Even “Add-on” is a more intriguing term.)

Quake had two official mission packs for it: Scourge of Armagon and Dissolution of Eternity. They were a little bit obscure; I’ve only seen Scourge. It did look pretty intriguing, though - and fairly hilarious when speedran properly.

Side note: The summer sale bundle also includes Heretic/HeXen games. This is probably the only game series with more confusing names than the Final Fantasy series, especially considering there are fewer titles. =)