I just deleted my Facebook account.

I didn’t really use Facebook for anything - the account was just there, gathering moss. I’ve had much better luck talking to people over Identi.ca, Twitter and Google+, or more specialised places that are too numerous to count here. Or, hell, even the blogs. Especially the blogs.

It’s weird - I’m just your regular everyday geek, so you could easily assume that I would find a lot of uses for a website like Facebook. Surprise! The only reason I ever even vaguely needed Facebook was Dragon Age: Legends, and that thing also showed up in Google+ one beautiful day, so heck, here we go.

I would have just left the Facebook page to gather moss, but FB’s track record with the stuff they gather has been, shall we say, not that good. So I decided to delete the account before this dormant rubbish is ever used for anything at all. The rest of the reasons are just technical ones - Facebook has still not adopted OpenID (yes, you can leave comments on my blogs using your blog’s URL! You don’t need Facebook Connect to comment here!) and other open standards properly, have reportedly a rather bizarre API, and there’s plenty of potential for crapplications. In short, they’ve been going at stuff with wrong foot forward.

But enough of a rant about why they fail - everyone knows by now. I’d rather discuss a problem people don’t talk about.

Facebook decided to put one last barrier to my final bow.

Facebook's Last Stand


They can’t even do a CAPTCHA right. And they wonder why geeks don’t like the site.