Time to blow some dust off of this blog. I at least hope to update the blog more often nowadays - I’ve fully upgraded the blog to use Melody features now, it’d be shame to let all that go to waste.

In 21st August, there was an interesting thread in reddit on dead Game Boys.

Nintendo builds surprisingly resilient hardware, and it’s fairly odd that the Game Boy is so far the only Nintendo product that failed on me. I got my Game Boy shortly after its launch in early 1990s, and played many games on it.

I felt I sort of grew out of Game Boy. My GB library consisted of platformers, and I started to dislike platformers. (Nowadays, I just dislike some platformers. I rather enjoy Castleroids.)

But I got my interest in Game Boy back - my sister started playing Pokémon and got her own Game Boy Color. RPGs on Game Boy? Awesome. In 2000s, I was actually inspired to get a Game Boy Advance, which still remains my favourite Nintendo handheld of all time because of the awesome game library. RPGs on the go!

Of course, with the GBA, I didn’t really need my Game Boy for anything. In 2005, I tried to use my old Game Boy again.

No luck.

It wouldn’t turn on.

It happened to be shortly after John Paul II died - I just concluded that Game Boys don’t work during a papal interregnum. Or something like that. Or there might be some other reason that a mere software guy like me cannot possibly understand. The Hardware works in mysterious ways that mere mortals cannot comprehend.

But now, I just followed the advice of an user in the thread: Open it up, see if the cables are loose. I opened it up. Nothing seemed to be out of place. I put it back together.

It worked again.

Game Boy works again, 1

These are not exactly the freshest batteries, so I didn’t just leap out and play through Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan. (I did fire up my GameCube and played the game on Game Boy Player. Got to the fourth level. Very disappointing, because I prided on ability to play the game through easily enough. Guess I’ll try swapping the jump and attack to proper places next time…)

But still - with a bit of cartridge blowing, Tetris and Super Mario Land fired up just fine. Yay.

Game Boy works again, 2

Hmm, maybe I should finally beat TMNT2 and Super Mario Land 2