…or, a moment of reflection.

Currently, Melody says there are 286 blog posts of mine in beastwithin.org. And I’m happy to know just how much of my blogging is actually sitting right here on this server.

Today, I just ran ljdump and downloaded a local backup of stuff that’s on my LiveJournal. As I was writing this sentence, I checked the dump script’s post counter - and it just passed 386. So, it’s like a next-generation version of these blogs, with 32 bits. Perhaps, when I flick back to the terminal window, I see it go past 486 posts. And then it just says “Pentium” and reports 586.000000000013224 posts. Sorry, just trying to salvage the lack of humour that seems to have struck me today.

The reason I was inspired to dump a backup was simple - I was reading the Archive Team’s page. I have to say one thing about these guys: it’s very odd to see a bunch of otherwise professional people spewing an occasional meme and profanity. When a site is screwed, they actually go out and say it’s screwed. “We’re going to rescue your shit” is not exactly the kind of motto I’d put on a web page.

But I’m going to just say that when I look at the lists of sites that they’ve worked on backing up, I understand where the anger comes from.

Seriously, look at this list.

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, my Simpy bookmarks are friggin’ gone. And Simpy’s demise is not even mentioned in Archive Team’s already gigantic list of defunct sites.

The amount of lost data in this world is mindboggling.

A quick flick back to the terminal window. Over 886 backed up LiveJournal entries. Intel definitely ran out of processor models. Goddess’s wings, did I really type all this stuff and not back it up? Since I made my last backup of my LJ stuff in 2007, LJ has changed ownership and (I think) you can only get ad-supported accounts these days. It’s pure sheer luck that the new owner didn’t muck with the already established privileges.

Over 1000 downloaded entries. Sheesh.

But it’s also something that I need to reflect upon. I now have a working Melody install on this host. I have this blog. I think I really, really need to start not thinking of the LiveJournal I’m not really going to update any more, and start babbling more about stuff on this blog.

I realise I had a gigantic dry spell in blogging between 2009 and 2010 because I just didn’t have a personal blog here. Now I have. I really need to start using it. This backup dump shows that when I had a personal blog on LiveJournal, I actually used it. And how much I used it! Wow.

Let’s see how the backup is proceeding… Oh, it’s done.

1120 new entries, 312 new comments

…which is considerably more than what I have on this Melody install - 286 entries, 31 comments.

So I vow that in 10 years, I can look at similar numbers on this blog. Or bigger numbers. Much bigger.