I don’t usually bother with PC games these days, aside of really old titles. The reason is that all newer titles tend to have a horrible, horrible lag. And I’m speaking of “newer” as in “contemporaries of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.” Old computers. What I can say. If it can run Doom 3, it can run anything. Currently, I’m mostly playing games on my Xbox 360, because it can actually run Oblivion at a constant playable framerate. I don’t need to drag down the difficulty. I don’t need to make precise, calculate and conscious movements. I don’t need to swear at the enemies who circle me just because turning around will cause gigantic bunch of lag while the enemy stabs me to death.

So, it may be come as a surprise that I actually bought Minecraft - thought I should get it while it’s cheap. I thought that I might be able to play the game well, but it turns out that on default settings, I’m experiencing just as bad lag as I do on Oblivion. Quite an achievement!

But it turns out that running the game on my sister’s old PowerBook G4 with over a gigabyte of memory is actually possible. Using normal render distance is pretty futile, but using short or tiny view distance helps.

That, or I can do what I did in Oblivion and just set the difficulty to Peaceful and not worry about combat. Though, that is what sucks in PC games.

So, it’s time to follow in the footsteps of one of the great literary heroes…

…and construct a crude dwelling.

In the dead of night, my pickaxe keeps swinging as I mine iron, coal and pure humbug. Aboveground, the lights flare in the night, a shining beacon that indicates that civilisation has once been here.

What remains to be seen? The future is truly open.

(“King of the Klondike”, by Don Rosa, © Disney.)

Bonus: Today, I came across reason #3212 on why I can’t wait until I’ll actually meet wolves in this game. =)