This was going to be the day when I was going to proudly announce that I’m back in social bookmarking. This was going to be the day. …*breaks own crying* OH WHYYYYYYYYYYY!

In December, leaked documents seemed to indicate that Yahoo! was closing down Delicious. Yahoo! said that they’re actually trying to sell the service in the future, but you can still imagine that panic is in the air.

Now, around that time, I was probably rightfully concerned about Delicious. I had been using a number of social bookmarking services, all of which either died or got acquired and shut down.

Yet, I was quite happy when the folks at announced a new social bookmarking service called StatusNet is a pretty cool microblogging platform that powers, which is best summarised as “like Twitter but open source”. Of course, by reusing their existing software, had all of the already implemented StatusNet features. Like backup. Based on my past experience, you may forgive me for thinking that backup feature is pretty damn important.

I registered my account on April 4th. I started bookmarking on April 5th. Oh, just four crappy random bookmarks. Nothing to write home about yet.

You can take a few guesses what happened April 6th., D.O.A.

The software is optimistic and just says “no one has posted anything yet” - but as a developer, this sort of screams to me “look, everything was in place yesterday, but now, the data is fucking gone”.

Now, maybe it’s just a repeated social bookmarking abuse victim in me speaking, but I may give StatusNet a benefit of doubt here and just hope this is an unfortunate glitch in their gigantic data cloud thingy. Maybe they have proper backups. Maybe, come tomorrow, the site is all right again.

But I can’t help but to think that this could be a Web 2.0 -era stunt that recreates the Web 1.0 -era Our First Time hoax. Day 1: “Look at us! We’re doing social bookmarking again!” Day 2: “Thanks for checking us out, people! We’re totally doing social bookmarking! This is so deep! We’re gonna do social bookmarking so hard!” Day 3: “Ahahaha, no! Fooled you! This is just a helpful reminder to you that social bookmarking still sucks. Don’t do social bookmarking, kids!”

…I mean, really! What’s so difficult about sharing godsdamn links?! Why do we have to deal with corporate acquisitions and shitty backups and oops-poof-it-went-into-the-cloud issues?

Please, StatusNet, fix the site. Do everything in your power to fix Prove that it’s possible to get this bullshit working again. It certainly doesn’t sound that hard!

Update: Yup, is coming back up, and my account is accessible again. Just a couple of weird links. Note to self: Backup, then integrate to my web pages. =)