Holy goddamn shit and what the fuck.

Spammer spree!

Today I saw TypePad block 2503 spam messages. This is ludicruous. Yes, this is happening even when I ostensibly have reCaptcha installed. I have no idea what the hell is going on.

Yes, I know, your average blogger’s cliché whining goes like “no one ever comments on my posts and I just get megatons of spam”. I’m not whining - I know this is the harsh reality. The problem has persisted for a long time.

So as useful as anonymous commenting is, I just can’t justify the spam monitoring. I only accept authenticated commenting from now on - this means that if you want to comment, you should grab an OpenID (and the chances are that you may already have an OpenID, even if you don’t know it!) I may set up TypePad authentication later on so you can even log in with those weird picked-the-slightly-wrong-standard systems like Twitter and let’s-just-pull-a-Microsoftesqe-stunt-because-Microsoft-is-too-busy-embracing-OpenID systems like Facebook.

I don’t want to quash free speech or anything. It’s just that there’s no real commenting going on and deleting a hundred spam comments each day is bonkers.

Update, the following day: The crapflood of spam was a result of me trying out new Melody themes. (Long and short of it is that basically, um, the blog now uses the new theme, which is the same as the old theme. I liked DePo Clean, but it appears to make an assumption that anonymous comments are enabled, so I won’t use it.) Basically, themes can affect publication settings (which sort of makes sense, because different themes can present different things), and these publication settings can reset the commenting and registration settings. No, that sort of unexpected consequences don’t make an ounce of sense. It also reset the email settings, so I got a nice mailbomb of spam. This makes even less sense.